2019. április 16., kedd

Questions for Paris fire brigade as Notre Dame inferno burns out of control for hours

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  1. The French Interior Ministry said 400 firefighters were mobilised to help tackle the blaze that engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday.

    And while hundreds of comments flooded the Pompiers du Paris Twitter page in support of the brave firefighters, many questions were raised as to how the fire was dealt with.

  2. Authorities have revealed they were unable to drop water on the landmark to tame the blaze for fear it would ruin what was left of the 850-year-old cathedral as well as injuring people nearby.

    In cases of intense fires, a water bomber jet – called a Canadair – can be deployed to drop large amounts of water.

    The ministry said that an ‘exceptional device’ had been deployed to tackle the fire, with a crane lifting a fireman to tackle the blaze

    French news site Le Monde, explained: ‘A Canadair projects about six tonnes of water at high speed to the ground.


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