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Strange Fancy Platform With Obama

Автор:Ina Fassbender
12128 Strange Carnival platform with Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama did not just become a target for the satirical comic strip, drawings and other forms of art. He often figure in parades and – in the form of moving platforms. Every case, but we offer you the 15 most bizarre and funny moving platforms featuring African-American president.

Strange Carnival 1599 platform with Obama 
President Obama in the role of “Captain America” ​​at the Rose Parade in Cologne. (Getty Images / Dennis Grombkowski) 
French soccer player Zinedine Zidane and U.S. President Barack Obama, among other figures in the 128th Carnival of Nice. (AP / Lionel Cironneau) 
Strange Carnival 3205 platform with Obama 
U.S. President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the image of the priests at the carnival in Viareggio, Italy. (Getty Images / AFP) 
Strange Carnival 4177 platform with Obama 
Obama squeezes a camel through the eye of a needle in a parade in Cologne. 
Strange Carnival 5160 platform with Obama 
Obama and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, pulling a Trojan horse, the traditional parade of Roses in Cologne. (Reuters / Johannes Eisele) 
Strange Carnival 6138 platform with Obama
Obama with the words “Obama is the liberator” as a fallen angel from the sky at the parade in Duesseldorf.(Reuters / Ina Fassbender) 
Strange Carnival 7129 platform with Obama 
Decoration, entitled “Yes, we can be environmentalists” at the parade in Nice. (Reuters / Eric Gaillard) 
Strange Carnival 8122 platform with Obama 
Decoration in the form of the Statue of Liberty, igniting behind Obama, while he was giving away the pigeons, in Cologne. (Reuters / Ina Fassbender) 
Strange Carnival 9122 platform with Obama 
In this scenery Obama gives money to the Chinese president Hu Jintao. (Reuters / Ina Fassbender) 
10121 Strange Carnival platform with Obama
U.S. President Obama and the Statue of Liberty on one of the decorations on the satirical parade in Cologne. (Reuters / Alex Grimm) 
11155 Strange Carnival platform with Obama 
Obama holding the Statue of Liberty on the parade in Mainz, Germany. (Reuters / Kai Pfaffenbach) 
12128 Strange Carnival platform with Obama 
 Obama is on a ship sailing for him and George W. Bush, at a parade in Portugal. 
13113 Strange Carnival platform with Obama 
Performers dance in the background of the statue of U.S. President Obama during a parade in honor of the Jewish holiday of Purim in Holon, near Tel Aviv. (Reuters / Gil Cohen Magen) 
14106 Strange Carnival platform with Obama 
Members of the group called “Friends of Obama” at the parade in Accra, Ghana. 
15100 Strange Carnival platform with Obama 
Obama in the role of an angel with the words “Yes we can”, and latched on to him a woman with the words “We, too,” a symbol of the European Union. (Reuters / Ina Fassbender)

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