2014. szeptember 11., csütörtök

New Ireland's East Coast

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  1. Images from the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea, which I reached at the end of a Heritage Expeditions birdwatching/adventure cruise northbound from New Zealand. New Ireland and its neighbouring island provinces, notably New Britain, are spread across the Bismarck Sea, in tropical latitudes northeast of the PNG mainland. New Ireland remains largely undeveloped, with Kavieng, the capital, being the only town of any size. Unlike much of PNG, the island inherited a reasonable road network from the colonial era, thanks to Baron Boluminski, an autocratic German administrator. The road that served the copra planters a century ago, gives access today to coral beaches, traditional villages and plantations.

    These images were captured in RAW format with Nikon D300 and represent a selection of those available for licensing


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