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Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1983)

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) is Eurythmics' second studio album, released on January 21, 1983.Sweet Dreams saw the duo move away from the psychedelic, guitar-tinged band-orientated sound of their 1981 debut album In the Garden, instead focusing on raw analogue synthesizers (including the Oberheim OB1 and EDP Wasp) and drum machines (particularly the Movement Systems Drum Computer, which featured a graphic visual display of the drum patterns). Whilst the "synth pop" genre had grown in popularity in the preceding years, it was often associated with all male groups and somewhat clinical, emotionless music. Eurythmics (particularly with Lennox's vocal stylings) brought a soul music twist to the electronic sound, which proved popular with broader audiences. On November 14, 2005, Sony BMG repackaged and released Eurythmics' back catalog as "2005 Deluxe Edition Reissues". The album charted to #3 in the U.K. (Platinum disc) and #15 in the U.S. (Gold disc). The singles taken from this album were: This Is the House, The Walk, Love Is a Stranger (#54 U.K. 1982 release, #6 U.K. 1983 release, #23 U.S.), and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (#2 U.K., #1 U.S.).
Sweet Dreams by fibbox

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