2014. január 27., hétfő

Awaiting their fate: The show saw Richard Whitehead and Una Foden enter the show's semi-final

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  1. Watching this amazing individual brought a tear to my eye earlier. His mindset is nothing but that of a winner and I, for one salute you Sir. Take note Fat Dee (Benefits Street) people with real disabilities are fighters and inspirational, not chopsy, fag smoking, slobs with the personality of a potato

  2. Great to see Richard's dive, but as a paralympic sport?? You'd need to re-write the rules totally to make it work and you would end up with something that wouldn't be a diving competition. On splash, it's not about the dive - it's about the person, and you can be a winner there. His courage and aptitude are superb and he did what was one of few possible dives for him. A very competitive group tonight and a worthy winner (and second place for Austin Healey)


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