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2014. január 30., csütörtök

Casa Heidi--A Beautiful Retreat in the Heart of Romania's Carpathian Mountains

For today’s post, we’re featuring an article written by Dinu Mendrea, owner of the Casa Heidi vacation rental in Transylvania. Dinu is an accomplished photographer, writer, artist and host. Read more aboutCasa Heidi and the wonders of Transylvania from Dinu, a true expert on the region. 

I could (should) write about Transylvania's ethnically colorful history. Or I could elaborate on its well-preserved German (Saxon), medieval cities and villages, about some of their incredible fortified churches (part of which appear on UNESCO's World Heritage List), or about the organ concerts you can still enjoy in Brasov's spectacular Black Church. 

Of course, I could write about the impressive castles and palaces (Dracula's Castle for example being just 1 km away from Casa Heidi), all the museums, parks, National Parks, the original Bear Park. Or I could describe the great traditional restaurants tempting you with the area's German, Hungarian, Romanian and Jewish cuisine. Then there are the more recently created and highly affordable attractions such as paragliding, ATV and Jeep tours, horse riding, mountain biking, skiing, swimming, Spas with great massages and more. But I won't write about these.

Brasov, Old City Center, Transylvania, Romania
I prefer to emphasize THE most striking feature of this area and THE reason for which I decided to have this dream-vacation-house built here and not anywhere else. It's the breathtaking landscapes – and I will let my pictures speak. While you look at them, try to imagine the smell of hay meadows full of flowers mown by hand, the scent of endless fir tree forests, the sound of the mountain creeks, the chirps of crickets and the bleating of the sheep. The nostalgic farming scenes which we in the west remember only through fairy tales and movies are all still here, waiting to be experienced.

Dracula's Castle
Transylvania offers a special opportunity: to smoothly oscillate between 21st century leisure, comfort and the beauty of nature and life, as they used to be. The fact that the British "Guardian" newspaper considered Casa Heidi to be one of Europe's best 20 self-catering vacation homes was probably thanks to this combination. There is no guarantee that the next generation of travelers will still be able to feed their nostalgia in this part of Europe.

After an exhilarating day walking along the village's stunning hills, forests and rivers, filled with wild flowers, forest mushrooms and wild strawberries, enjoy sliding into the hot double Jacuzzi tub, up in villa's roof attic, still with a magnificent view of the imposing Carpathian peaks in front of your eyes. You are certain to enjoy the time of your life!

About Dinu: As a graduate of the art academy, a free lance photographer for the National Geographic magazine, I collected ideas, designs and objects from many parts of the world, bringing them all back to this cozy Transylvanian nest. Casa Heidi's website:

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