2013. április 17., szerda



There has been a serious lack of Czech bodybuilders on the blog so far, which is crazy considering there are so many insanely hot muscle freaks from that corner of the world. I'm on a bit of a mission to remedy that. A few month ago I featured my first Czech bodybuilder, the shockingly shredded cutie patootie owner of one of the most beautiful sets of ripped to fuckery eight pack abdominals in bodybuilding, Jiri Borkovec, and then last month I featured the cut to shreds, handsome as fuck muscle beast and Arnold Amatuer competitor Milan Sadek.

My mission continues with the first of a series of posts featuring muscle freaks from the Czech Republic, similar to my "Hungarian Beef" and "British Beef" posts back when I first started the blog, and it only feels right to kick things off with probably the biggest and most high profile current Czech bodybuilder, Tomas Bures!

Not only is Tomas masculine as hell and handsome as FUCK, he also happens to be a big, bald, butch mountain of hard THICK dense carved up shredded out testosterone pumped man meat. Just look at those cartoonishly massive watermelon shaped delts you couldn't miss from the fucking moon, those big thick meaty tree trunk quads which are so fucking big they probably bleed from rubbing against each other when Tomas waddles/struts down the fucking street, and those carved out stacked to the rafters abdominal muscles just pleading with the cling wrap skin wrapped tightly around them to break free!

I haven't 100% decided on which other Czech muscle hotties I'll be featuring in the future (there's a few candidates) so if anyone has any suggestions/preferences let me know, but for now, appreciate/love/worship/go fucking nuts over this big bald BEAST of a muscle freak in all his pumped to buggery, hard as fucking rock, shredded to the highest fucking Heavens glory...

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