2013. április 11., csütörtök

Dwain Leland is a 33 year old fitness, art and fashion model from San Francisco

Okay, when you call a guy “Sculpted” or “chiseled”, this is what it should mean! Dwain Leland is perhaps one of the most incredibly built men I think I have ever seen. He has perfectly handsome and masculine features and an amazingly muscle frame that really does appear almost like marble in these images.
Of all the guys out there who could be co

nsidered perfect for nude male modeling, specifically for the art world, he is definitely a top choice.
When I was in college and studying fine art I would have killed to have a body like that in front of me to paint. I know they say that the intricacies and natural curves of any body are great when you’re studying the human form, but this guy provides a whole lot more interest in an artistic sense than the overweight, unemployed brother of the tutors friend we had to spend hours painting!
And call me kinky if you like, but I don’t believe all that rubbish about it being purely professional when there’s a naked person in the room and you’re all looking at them. You cannot switch off physical attraction and curiosity in the naked body like that. So it definitely would have been more interesting for me if we’d had a guy like this there!
Dwain Leland is a 33 year old fitness, art and fashion model from San Francisco. There is a whole lot more going on than just posing and appearing on camera though, including working in a legal field and being a freelance graphic designer. Thankfully, his modeling is now taking over and it seems that he’ll be focusing on this for the future. Great news for guys like me who absolutely love a truly “Sculpted” body!

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